Warranty & Return Policy

1. What is Gowin R86S return/refund/exchange policy?


We will 100% refund if there’s a critical defect that happened in the first 7 days. In this situation, We will bear the shipment return cost.


If the defect comes after 3 months, we can’t refund. But we will repair it and bear the shipment cost for sending it back to you. We also can change a new one for you with the same model.


If the defect happens after one year, we can repair but we can’t refund or replace a new one.


If the defect happens after 18 months, we will charge the basic cost to repair or replace the parts.



2. What should I do if any accessory is broken or fails?


Please send mail to info@gowinsolution.com to get a good solution. We have an R&D team to handle this on time.



3. Does Gowin R86S officially offer a warranty?



We provide an 18-month warranty for all R86S machines. Besides, we also provide services including technical support via live chat, email or remote control, spare parts, field maintenance, and repair (If a local distributor is available).


4. Do you have any manuals or video tutorials?


Yes. It will come with the Gowin R86S machine. You may also find it on YouTube channel.



5. How can I get in touch with the Gowin R86S representative?


Please send an email to david@gowinsolution.com to get in touch with us.



6. Can I cancel the order and get a refund?


You are free to cancel your order at any time and get a refund before shipping. However, after shipping, the shipping fees, customs charges, and service fees will be deducted from your order refund. We always support fast refunds.


7. If I refuse to accept the package, how much refund will I get?


Because it's international shipping, if you refuse to sign for the goods for any reason, the shipping fees (send & return), customs charges (import & export), and service fees will be deducted from your refund. In this circumstance, any loss or damage to the goods will be your responsibility. Please kindly understand and plan your order in advance.

Non-applicable Situations:


  1. The product is not purchased on our official website www.gowinfanless.com

  2. The product’s18-months warranty has expired.

  3. Customer not or refuses to return the product to us.

  4. Without our permission or confirmation, disassembling the product to check or Repair, which results in damage to the product.

  5. Non-quality issues such as failure or damages caused by improper use of the customer, etc.

  6. The R86S got defect by OS or other software reasons.